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Luxury Villas in Sardinia – Your Beautiful Holiday

Luxury Villas in Sardinia, Walk to Beach

Sardinia's Generous Gift…

Coming from the sea, the island of Sardinia offers unusually attractive scenery of granite rocks surrounded by white sand, which gives the water the renowned emerald green color.

Landscapes of unspoiled nature have always enchanted the navigators coming to Sardinia. It is on the coast that most visitors remain, enchanted by the fragrant sea air, which tastes of salt, juniper and lentischio. Within short travel distance from their homes they will find dunes of golden sand encapsulated by granite rocks, lapped by the most transparent water and like on the small island of Spargi sand of light pink shades, the fine dust of red corals.

No matter if you arrive in Olbia, Alghero or Cagliari. From the emerald water of Costa Smeralda to the salt pans of South Sardinia, where pink flamingoes spend the summer before migrating to Africa, the landscape change yet the enchantment remains.

Equally beautiful – the walled town of Alghero with its long picturesque promenade alongside the sea, or Orgosolo, set amongst cork trees in Sardinia's inland, who's murals tell stories of bandits and miners, the unusual charm of these places wins the visitor's heart.

Prince Karim Aga Khan was in the 60's bewitched by the beauty of the stretch of the coast North East of Sardinia and decided to buy a poor stretch of Gallura.

Porto Cervo with its top luxury villas was created from nothing and with Porto Cervo the extreme luxury of Costa Smeralda, remaining the favorite destination of international jet set.

With 1,850 km of coastline, Sardinia, the land of shepherds, arid yet so beautiful, pierced by granite rocks and embellished by the emerald of its water waits silently to welcome its visitors with generous gifts.

Villa Domo Mea
Costa Smeralda. Sleeps 12/14. Large swimming pool. 6 elegant suites.

Villa Domo Mea, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
Villa Domo Mea, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
Build in most peaceful setting a few hundred metres from the emerald green waters of Lisica Ruia beach in the Costa Smeralda. The villa offers the most stunning natural setting, 6 elegant suites and large swimming pool.

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Villa Le Calette
Sleeps 5. Private swimming pool and sea views.
Short walk to the centre of Porto Cervo Marina, Costa Smeralda.

Villa Le Calette, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
Villa Le Calette, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
Delightful detached house, situated in a quaint residential setting. The sea so close one can hear the waves at night. The shades of the sea and of Sardinian nature are evoked by the interior design of the villa, which boast a light linear simplicity fitting so well with this the shades and the forms of the coastline and its landscapes. Overlooking a small garden, the house has a relaxing swimming pool and charming sea views.

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Villa Oliveto
Alghero. Sleeps 8. Large swimming pool. A short drive to secluded beach.

Villa Oliveto, Alghero, Sardinia
Villa Oliveto, Alghero, Sardinia
Beautiful period house surrounded by large grounds and a walled garden covered with climbing plants and flowers. The villa borders a olive grove with ancient beautiful trees. The house has a unique charm and will give guests the chance to discover and get closer to the ancestral spirit of this island and its sheer beauty. The countryside covered with olive groves and tall cactus leads gently down to the sea, the beautiful and wild beach of “La Speranza”.

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Villa Lily
Costa Smeralda. Sleeps 8. Private swimming pool.

Villa Lily, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
Villa Lily, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
A charming villa hiding amongst Mediterranean gardens overlooking the beach from the distance. La Celvia Beach is a secluded white beach hidden beyond shrubs and low Mediterranean bushes and juniper trees. A long white stretch of sand and emerald green water, shallow and transparent, partially skirting rounded granite stones forged by time and wind. A truly delightful spot of the glamourous Costa Smeralda.

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The most charming villa: Villa Ermione
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Costa Smeralda. 30 metres to secluded sandy cove. Sleeps 9/10.

Villa Ermione, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
Villa Ermione, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia
Villa Ermione is a very special property. Built just a few metres from the water's edge, with it's own private mooring, leading to a small sandy beach and clear Mediterranean water, the villa sits in a lush private park. A property of greatest charm!

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