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Holidays in Alghero, Sardinia

See our villas around Alghero

Alghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, SardiniaAlghero, Sardinia

Located on the North West coast of Sardinia, Alghero is a welcoming and picturesque, historic town. Thanks to Ryanair daily flights to Alghero, this charming portal town has become one of the most visited locations in Sardinia. The advent of Ryanair has made this small town and the warm shores of Sardinia more accessible, indeed in every season; Holidays in Alghero are now possible in any season – during the hot Sardinian summer or the mild winters and the early springs – when the local beaches, white, long and winding are covered by bright fluorescent violet and white flowers. Remarkable and wild landscapes characterize this corner of Sardinia, making a holiday in Sardinia special.

Alghero, still small and unspoilt welcomes the visitors with a long promenade directly alongside the seaside – tall and large palm trees swaying in the mild sea breeze, provide permanent shade to the picturesque walks and the small kiosks and bars dotted along the shore. The medieval citadel is built within walls around the port. Here on the first floor of a historic building tucked away on the corner of a piazzetta laid with cobbled stones are to very charming newly refurbished apartments:

Villa Elicrisio
Sleeps 10 (+4), with private swimming pool. Alghero. Sardinia.
Villa Elicrisio, Alghero

Villa Elicrisio, Alghero

Hiding amongst reefs and a large garden dotted with olive trees and palms, Villa Elicrisio boasts a breath-taking vista, facing the sunset with unrestricted views reaching from one side to the other of the bay below.
Nearby La Speranza beach awaits with soft golden sand bordering juniper trees. In the estate there is also a traditional barn fully refurbished which could also be rented if there are more than 10 guests. The barn has 2 bedrooms. A/C, Wi-Fi.

Villa Falcone
Sleeps 8. A cozy beach house to enjoy Sardinia’s timeless charm.
Villa Falcone, Alghero

Villa Falcone, Alghero

Built with local slate its terrace opens onto the view of the sea and of the most beautiful beach of Sardinia’s North West Coast.
40km from Alghero airport.
Still unspoiled, the local shores echoing the shrill cry of seagulls.
In the distance the view of L’Asinara, which is part of Italy’s natural heritage.

Villa Oliveto
Alghero. Sleeps 8. Large swimming pool. A short drive to secluded beach.
Villa Oliveto, Alghero, Sardinia

Beautiful period house surrounded by large grounds and a walled garden covered with climbing plants and flowers. The villa borders a olive grove with ancient beautiful trees. The house has a unique charm and will give guests the chance to discover and get closer to the ancestral spirit of this island and its sheer beauty.

Villetta Zinnibiri
Sleeps 4. Fully restored old barn on Alghero's coastline.
Villetta Zinnibiri, Alghero

Quaint small villa newly built on the ruins of an old barn. Rebuilt with maximum comfort in mind, offers very high standard living spaces and modern facilities. The house is perfect for a small family of 4 or a group of friends.

La Torre Apartment
Alghero. Sleeps 7. A seaside old Spanish Tower, hosting a 3 bedroom apartment touching the sea and exotic white sandy coves.
la Torre, Alghero, Sardinia

La Torre, Alghero, Sardinia

A charming beach apartment skirting the sea and a secluded sandy cove. Almost surrounded by water, nestling between rocks and a sandy coves. This romantic apartment is located on the first floor of a tower built in 1800 and surrounded by the private park 10km from the Catalan citadel of Alghero. Perfect for a couple seeking privacy and tranquillity but also for a small family. The tranquillity of this place is highlighted by the private park dotted with olive trees and wild juniper trees which lead to the sea and are part of this exclusive estate.

Casa Azzurra
Sleeps 10/11. Alghero. Shared swimming pool. 80 metres to fine sandy beach.
Casa Azzurra, Alghero

Casa Azzurra, Alghero

Tucked away amongst peaceful lush Mediterranean gardens in a quiet and family-friendly residence alongside a coastline of silent sandy coves and a beach perfect for children. Olympic Swimming pool and pizzeria on location.
It is approx. 20 min drive from the charming historic citadel of Alghero, which has surely the most characteristic and picturesque old town in Sardinia. A maze of narrow cobbled lanes and small squares with typical Mediterranean cafes opening their terraces onto the old squares with shady sitting corners and the relaxing atmosphere one loves in this old traditional towns which come alive in summer!

Casa Rosa
40 km from Alghero airport in Stintino North West Sardinia. A 3 bedrooms house with swimming pool, very charming sea views. Air conditioning and Wi-Fi, garden.
Casa Rosa, Stintino, near Alghero, Sardinia

Casa Rosa, Stintino, near Alghero, Sardinia

With its quiet and safe location, and secluded, secure garden, this house is absolutely the perfect choice for those who want to choose between time at the beach, and time in their "space". The house is situated in a residential area dotted with villas and lush gardens with its own supermarket, several restaurants, boutiques, mini-golf, and various entertainment options. These amenities are not within easy 'hearing' distance of the villa, and do not spoil the tranquility.

A statue of Christ, with open arms resembling the well known one in Buenos Aires welcomes the traveler by sea – above and beyond the walls orange and lemon trees, small café shops, restaurant and some hotels create a refined and lively atmosphere.

Alghero has a cluster of cobbled lanes – a small pedestrian centre with narrow roads of shiny marble  – one or two silent and mystic churches built with sand colored granite stones in a sober style – the beautiful pure simplicity that creates a remarkable sense of peace and grace. Round the corner large red parasols give shade to relaxing al fresco dinners or tiny cups of fragrant espressos any time of day or night.

Hotel El Faro (*****)
On the beach, near Alghero.
Hotel El Faro, Alghero, Sardinia

El Faro Hotel is a luxurious five star hotel. It is both intimate and elegant designed by the illustrious Sardinian architect Antonio Simon Mossa with the idea of a boat anchored at sea in mind. Close to the airport of Alghero and built directly on the most beautiful private beach in Alghero. Peaceful, it camouflages within sea and sand.