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Introducing Sardinia

“It was the sea I first fell in love with. I had never seen such beautiful clean waters with such a variety of colours, so many different shades of blue and green shimmering like precious stones.”

The Managing Director

One February more than ten years ago, I visited Sardinia for the first time. The island was emerging from a mild winter into a warm spring and the trees were already flowering. As I arrived in Olbia from Gatwick, I immediately felt the warm sun enveloping me.

I travelled to the wonderfully deserted La Spiaggia del Principe — it truly is the “Prince's beach” — where the sun's rays bounced off the incredibly beautiful white transparent sea. The silence of the countryside was all around. Sardinia is unique because strict conservation laws have protected both the landscapes and the beaches. The striking beauty of these beaches left a lasting memory. La Celvia beach on the Costa Smeralda: a long winding stretch of sand bordered by tall maritime pines sculpted over time. La Pelosa beach in Stintino: a turquoise blue pearl emerging from fine white sands covered by wild pink flowers in the spring.

It was the sea I first fell in love with. I had never seen such beautiful clean waters with such a variety of colour, so many differend shades of blue and green shimmering like precious stones.

Further island, the granite red hills of Gallura were covered with “macchia”, a tangled mixture of bushes luxuriant in the hot fragrant sun. I discovered later that the smell came from wild rosemary and myrtle bushes, a fragrance that I had never sensed before but one that pervades Sardinia.

Herds of sheep grazed in the fields guarded by the beautiful white maremmani sheepdogs. Women dressed in black sat embroidering in white hamlets.

Then I fell in love with the food. Tradition and love pervades the island's cuisine from the preparation of Mirto, the popular myrtle berry liqueur served ice cold after a meal to the Sospiri, small almond cakes made following an ancient recipe. I discovered that the excellent local wines are one of Sardinia's best-kept secrets, such as the renowned Turriga (1997), which was awarded the top prize as Europe's best red wine.

Finally I was charmed by the people. In the Sardinians I met people who were gentle, welcoming and honest. Sardinia simply won my heart. Although I am Italian myself and have travelled extensively throughout Italy, Sardinia's authenticity and powerful natural beauty left an indelible imprint. With my inside knowledge and wealth of experience of this incredibly varied and strikingly beautiful island, my team and I will be glad to give you careful individual advice to enable you to enjoy Sardinia at its very best.

For this new collection I have added a luxury villas section introducing some of the most beautiful examples of Mediterranean architecture. Since I have become a mother, I especially look out for places that I regard as particularly child-friendly villaschild-friendly hotels. In addition to the adult hidaways, Sardinia offers many places where children and parents can have a safe and fun holiday.

Since my first visit to Sardinia I have gone back many times. I have seen it blossoming in early spring, I have witnessed the enticing beauty of the deserted beaches in the mild late autumn and I have enjoyed the full moon setting over the sea on a hot summer night. Each return is like a reunion with an old friend, a friend that does not age. On each return I fall in love with it again. Each time Sardinia gives me new energy and immense joy and I trust it will do the same for you.

It is now my pleasure to present you with the Sardinia I love.  >>

Only 180 km from Africa, Sardinia is home to some of the most ancient remnants of human history. The Mediterranean island where a civilisation lost in prehistoric time left hidden traces of the beginning of man.

Traces that are still as powerful today as the beauty of Sardinia's golden coast and the wildness of the undiscovered interior. True to its Latin meaning, “the barbarian region,” this area is still mostly uninhabited, but the shepherd tradition continues as it has for thousands of years.

Past and present clash and merge like the contrasts of the sun, the cool moon and the salt. From the first time you encounter the island, night or day, a magnetic glow seems to illuminate Sardinia. Sandy beaches with traces of Quartz reflect the sparkle of the light and your skin's humidity will taste of salt and life. The vastness of the beach echoes the beating of the waves against the sand like a hypnotic sound.

Across the island lie the dark slopes of the Gannargentu which are covered with snow all year long, even on the hottest summer day. Religious tradition runs deep here and the inhabitants mark the ancient festivals with sombre processions. Vast uninhabited sand dunes, overlook grey granite islets modelled by wind and time.

For many years Sardinia was considered a harsh and inhospitable country – a place to exile the unwanted. Today things have changed. This enchanting island where the incredibly clear light turquoise sea gently laps the sand and the shores, will be a welcoming refuge from the loudness and chaos of every day life. Like a magic place, it will wake up our sleeping senses and give us regenerating energy.

Sardinia, harsh and pure, will touch anyone's spirit leaving them with one message, one impression:

Come back to Sardinia!

Sardinian Beach and Sea

Sardinia Villa View

Cove in Sardinia

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Sardinia Holiday Beach

Sardinian Mountains

Sheep in Sardinia