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Villas for Sale in the West Coast, Sardinia

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Is Arutas beach stretches for several kilometers; the sea of all shades of tourquoise. It is known as “the beach of the grains of rice”, being composed of small grains of quartz, of shades ranging from pink, to green, to pure white.

Is Arutas, as well as the nearby beaches of Mari Ermì and Maimoni, differ from the other coasts of Sardinia, because composed of porphyritic granite instead of the common calcareous rock. The seabed consists of colorful quartz grains which are the result of a long chemical evolution and atmospheric processing. This corner of Sardinia is unique and wild. It provides the basic services, but it is a destination far from the mass tourism. All these aspects make Is Arutas even more fascinating.

Villas for Sale at the Is Arutas beach, Sardinia

Villa Great Cape
Oristano area, Is Arutas beach. 5 bedrooms. Private pool.
Villa Great Cape, West Coast of Sardinia

Villa Great Cape, West Coast of Sardinia

In a magical setting amongst dunes and sandy beaches, framed by a sea of transparent emerald color a few meters away from its garden, villa "Great Cape" is situated on the peninsula to the north of the Gulf of Oristano on Sardinia's west coast. Consisting of five bedrooms and three bathrooms, a large living room and a well- fitted and equipped kitchen, the villa boasts spacious rooms and a design inspired by the maritime surrounding. A large outdoor veranda on ground floor with shaded dining and lounging areas opens onto the swimming pool and the garden.