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Villas for Sale in Sardinia

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An undiscovered jewel in the Mediterranean offering mouth watering property sales, Sardinia's silver beaches and sparkling blue seas remain a mystery to many. However with the recent proliferation of budget airlines the island has suddenly become accessible not just to the wealthy Italians who have frequented for years, but to the whole of Europe.

Of course this is not to say that Sardinia has been struck by any kind of tourist boom. Most visitors tend to stay around the coastal towns of Cagliari, Olbia and Alghero, near the international airports, leaving huge parts of this large island unexplored and peaceful, and rigidly authentic. The island of La Maddalena off the north coast, with its striking white villas, is particularly special for its unspoiled beauty and quiet country atmosphere, not to mention the glorious beaches that are typical across Sardinia. Toward the centre of the main island the sparkling coastline gives way to a dramatic mountainous heart, and this contrast represents the essence of Sardinia – great beauty with a rustic natural quality. The work of the government in restricting property development also means that for a number of years no more properties are permitted to be built within 5 km of the coast, so these protected coastal areas are sure to rocket in value whilst maintaining their atmospheric integrity.

Sardinia also has its glamour spots, like the celebrity haunt of the Costa Smeralda on the northeast coast, which has been described as a “millionaire's playground” offering far cheaper property sale prices than the Cote d'Azur for the same celebrity cachet.

You can purchase a refurbished country house with 10,000 m2 land for less than 300,000 Euros, and the island is easily reached in under two hours from the UK with a number of airlines, including Ryan Air, Monarch, EasyJet, and Merioliane.

In fact purchasing a house in Sardinia or a villa with its own land has never been so popular, and with good reason, and in this vein Sardinian Villas are now presenting a collection of properties for sale. There are some surprisingly low asking prices for truly beautiful properties. This position combined with the vicinity of the airport of Fertilia and the unspoilt surrounding make this villa extremely desirable.

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