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Tempio Di Pausania

Tempio di Pausania embellish this region of Gallura. The charming old town centre with houses and churches built with granite blocks resembles the Southern region of Corsica. Tempio di Pausania, which is the administrative “capital” of North Sardinia has fine restaurants located within ancient building. Out in the country there are “agriturismi” where traditional dishes are on the menu. One of the most famous is “Agnata” where Fabrizio De Andre used to live, who amongst others shared the love for this region. All of this, together with the proximity of one of the world's most beautiful seas create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year.

Tempio di Pausania lies in the heart of Gallura, at the foot of Mount Limbara 50 km to Olbia’s International Airport. Gallura is emblematic of all the archaic proud beauty of this island lapped by turquoise transparent sea. The beautiful barren inland, so truly Sardinian, is covered with thick cork forests interspersed with beaches and coves nestling between the Mediterranean bush. The change of seasons does not blemish the charm of this eternally wild land. Long hot summer’s nights under a starry sky. Spring covering the deserted beaches and delicate pink flowers descending down to the sea and the mild autumn days, which see grapes ripening not far from the sound of waves lapping secluded coves. In winter one can spot snow on the sides of Mount Limbara. This is the season when the shepherds lead their flocks to the pens to spend the winter amongst olive and juniper trees.

Villas in Tempio di Pausania

The Painter's villa
For sale. Painter's Villa in Tempio di Pausania, 50 km to Olbia’s International Airport.
Painters Villa For Sale, Gallura, Sardinia

A villa to fall in love with and to be enraptured by the landscapes. The peaceful bucolic location creates an almost “zen-like atmosphere”. Indoors and outdoors spaces liaise to create an atmosphere of stillness and recreation.