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Trekking in Sardinia

Gulf of Orosei (Golfo di Orosei)

Silent forests, deep gorges leading to secluded sandy coves

This area of Sardinia is amazing. It is beautiful, unspoilt, wild. The fragrant macchia, the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean is everywhere with its strong scent of wild rosemary, juniper, wild flowers, pine. Thick forest and steep rocks, granite hills and mountains, picturesque caves.

The famous, scenic prehistoric settlement “Tiscali” can be reached from the luxury hotel Su Gologone. This hotel organizes guided tours to Tiscali, which can be reached first by track or car, then walking for 1 hr 30 on narrow paths reaching the ancient “Nuragic” settlement on top of the hill.

The “Barbagia”

This is one of the many tours offered by the hotel. Another guided tour – is the walk to the Gannargentu, the wild and tallest mountain of Sardinia, the very heart of the “Barbagia” region. This became famous also as hiding spot for the “banditi” wanted by the police from the “continente” Italy's main land.

30 min drive away from Su Gologone there is the famous village of Orgosolo, the very heart of Barbagia,the most remote and traditional region of the Island. The place further away from tourism, undisturbed by the pressure of the outside world. Sardinia as it was hundreds of years ago.

Sardinia at its best.


The village of Orosei is situated at the feet of the Gannargentu. The village has wonderful, modern murals paintings and old squares with mosaics floors and small white washed churches. The Restaurant Su Barile is an excellent place to taste the local traditional dished (primarily goats cheese and honey dishes, but also “il porceddu” the traditional piglet roast, and others).

This is the area described by the very Sardinian writer Grazia Deledda, who was awarded with the Nobel price for her novels (all about Sardinia).

The trekking ways are gorgeous, with large open spaces and tall granite hill overlooking the country side covered with cork trees or wild landscapes such as the Valle di Lanaittu. The visitors can admire from far the emerald green coastline bordered by white beaches.

Ancient small churches and water wells, herds of sheep characterise the way. Deep gorges, cliffs leading to sandy beaches with soft white sand such as Cala Gonone or Cala Goloritze.

The wild beauty of this region, the deep uninterrupted silence of these remote valleys offer a very different way to enjoy this magic island and will renew the visitor's soul and body with fresh energy.

Trekking Hotels

Luxury Hotel Su Gologone (****)
a member of the “Independent Luxury Hotels”
Hotel Su Gologone (****), Gulf of Orosei, Sardinia

A wonderful luxury hotel. Unique in its position surrounded by wildly exuberant country side but merely 15 min drive to one of Sardinia's most beautiful and renowned beaches, Cala Gonone.

The Hotel has an exquisite restaurant, offering the best of traditional Sardinian cuisine. There is a play ground for children, tennis and mini-golf also for the youngest guests. Leisure Centre with gym and beauty therapies. Open from 31st March till 1st November.